Remote Support Tool

Download our remote support tool and grant our specialised support team supervised access to your computer.

It's great way for us to easily demonstrate features of the software and diagnose any issues you may have.

Simply left-click on the image or click here and choose to SAVE it to a place on your computer.

Double-click to RUN or OPEN the tool.

Remote Support ToolProvide us with your support ID and password, and let us do the rest.

Please contact us before requesting remote assistance.

Installation Guide

Left-click on the image below to view the installation guide.

Install guide is specific to the New Zealand distributed version 9.1 DVD/CD and 10.2 DVD/DVD.

20-20 Design Version 10.2 Installation Guide (New Zealand)
20-20 Design Version 9.1 Installation Guide (New Zealand)


Left-click on the image below to view the available guide.

20-20 Design System Requirements
Setting Wall Preferences, Drawing Ortho Walls (Training Snippet) (V8, 9)
Drawing Angled ceilings with 20-20 Design (Training Snippet)
Adding your company logo to 20-20 Design (V8, 9)
Switching items between catalogues or updated catalogues (V8, V9)

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Remote Support Tool

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